Frequently Asked Questions

Our soaps are special formulations meant to clean any buildup, not just the surface layer. We use Southwest Auto Care and Brilliant Wash Solutions. In conjunction with water pressure and soft cloths, we give you the best wash your car has ever seen
We take great pride in being environmentally conscious. The majority of the water we use is softened, treated, and internally recycled. We collect and safely reuse and treat our wash water and cleaning solutions. Our final rinse water goes into the sanitary sewer system where it’s treated and doesn’t pollute the river, lakes, or ponds. At home, your wash water goes down the drain without treatment and could cause more harm to the environment. Getting your car washed with us uses about 30 gallons of water as opposed to the 162 gallons you would use at home!
We hope so! The maximum height of any vehicle that we can take is 82” while the maximum tire width is 11.5” at their widest point. Unfortunately, Blue Whale can’t take responsibility for non-standard or dealer-added options. For any questions about your vehicle, please contact the manager at the location that’s most convenient for you.
Our foam wax is a conditioner concentrate that’s formulated to protect your vehicle and help water bead off. No water spots or streaks here! Our wax makes sure that the desert dust doesn’t stick.
Unfortunately no. Our facilities are not large enough to accommodate trailers and RVs.
Unfortunately no. We’ll ask that you remove the bike rack from the top or back of your car before getting a wash at Blue Whale. Don’t worry, you can arrive as you are and we’ll store the rack in our waiting area while your car is getting washed then help you put the rack back on.
Absolutely! Our chemicals are specially formulated for car washing so they’re meant to be on your car. None of the chemicals will damage your finish and will only make it shine brighter!
We understand how frustrating it can be to receive service and feel like your vehicle wasn’t treated as well as it should be. The professionals at Blue Whale do our absolute best for each car that comes through our car wash. If you notice damage to your car after a wash at Blue Whale, contact the manager of that location immediately and we’ll handle it from there. We appreciate your cooperation!
We hate to see you go! To cancel your membership, all you have to do is stop by the location you visit most frequently and supply your car’s year, make, model, and plate #. We’ll ask for your name and email and you’re good to go.
Our unlimited washes plan is called the Whale Wash Sudscription. For the monthly price of about 2 washes, you get unlimited washes each month and access to member discounts on add-ons.
Absolutely! You’re able to add any vehicle to your plan at any time. It’s a simple process in your app. You don’t even need to have the same wash plans for your vehicles!
You sure can! It’s as simple as going into your app and following the steps. It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your membership with no interruptions to your service